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  1. A preprinted marking on a mailpiece which shows that postage has been paid by the sender

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Indicia has a number of meanings:
In postage, indicia are markings on a mail piece showing that postage has been paid by the sender. Postage stamps, meter marks, and FIM (facing identification marks) bars are considered indicia by the Postal Service.
In comic books and other magazines, indicia also refers to a piece of text traditionally appearing on the first recto page after the cover, which usually contains the official name of the publication, its publication date, information regarding editorial governance of the publication, and a disclaimer regarding disposition of unsolicited submissions. In recent years, placement of indicia has moved away from being exclusively on the inside first recto page. Since 2006, comic books commonly have indicia on the inside last verso page, while magazines may place their indicia almost anywhere within the publication. Pornography magazines published in the United States are required to use an extended form of indicia that also includes information about age verification legislation.
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